Sunday, November 22, 2015

Preparing the Thanksgiving Turkey

Preparing the turkey means something a little different in the art room than it does in the kitchen.

Each year we do it a little differently.  Here's what we came up with this year.  A quick and easy lesson.  These could be made in one day.  We took our time and spent the first day thinking about gratitude and generating a thankful list, we then outlined our turkey.  We wanted big, fat turkeys and used a paper plate for the big, fat body.  You can choose a big plate for the big turkey or a small plate for the little kid version.
On day two we used crayons to pattern our birds and to add color.  We also added our thankful words using markers.

Day three was finish-up day, a day to tie up any lose ends, and then on to outlining the birds with a brush and black paint.

I loved he opportunity this lesson provided for us to focus on gratitude, which is sometimes so lacking in the world, yet does so much to enhance our lives.  

As for me, this year I'm thankful for butterflies and rainbows, family, friends, kittens, clouds and sunshine, starry nights and moonbeams, for all the big things and all the little things that made my year so wonderful, even for the struggles that helped me grow, and especially for another day to enjoy it all, 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Puffy Paint Wabbits

How about some cute Kindergarten Rabbits!
(Pre-schoolers love them, too.)

First we read "LET'S MAKE RABBITS" by Leo Leoni and then we let the rabbit making begin.

Kinders traced the template, added the wiggle eye and colored a nice tasty carrot.

They painted them with home made puffy paint.
So simple to make...just mix shaving cream and tempera paint.

So smooth and creamy you might have to make two.