Saturday, June 30, 2012

Common Core Standards-Freebie

I like referring to Core Standards to guide me in making connections between art and classroom learning but I don't like plowing through them.   Now, thank you to Hopkins Hoppin Happenings there's a way to keep the standards organized and accessible.  See that little tab way over in the right hand margin. It's my new Common Core Standards Widget.   Click on it out fall the standards neatly organized by subject and by grade level.  Because it's so easy to use, I know I'll be checking in with it often.
Try it by clicking on the tab on the right, or hop over to Hopkins Hoppin Happenings or get the code.  The common core is available as widget or app.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Easy Tissue Collage Bowls

These easy glue and tissue paper bowls are another project that will help empty the scrap box before the school year ends and a great way to use up any colorful bits and pieces of paper, yarn, raffia, a fabric left over from other projects.

To make them cover the bottom of any bowl with plastic wrap and tape to secure.  I chose disposable paper bowls for our mold, because I had them on hand and they were small enough for kids to finish in one sitting.  For sake of time I covered the bowls before kids arrived.  I also filled some cups up with white glue thinned with water (about half and half).
Students wrote their names on the tape inside the bowl then flipped them over and brushed glue onto the plastic wrap.  To keep it simple, our motto was 4-4-4...begin by arranging four pieces of colorful yarn, then place four layers of tissue paper, and finish with four pieces of yarn.  Kids brushed glue on each piece of yarn as it was added, then on each bit of paper.  They ended with more colorful strands of yarn, tinsel, feathers, raffia, etc.  brushing glue as each item was added.

Let the bowls dry and gently peel the plastic wrap away....Done.