Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hello Spring!

The peepers aren't in the ponds quite yet.  Not even down here in the valley.  But they will be soon!  When we hear the little frogs peeping; we'll know that it's spring.
We made these little frogs for an art fund raiser.  Kids drew their frogs with pencil and outlined them with black flair pen.  We colored them with yellow and green crayons and gave them a green water color wash. When they were dry, artists carefully cut out their frogs, lily pads, stems, and flowers.  They arranged everything on the page to get it just the way they wanted it, and then began their careful gluing.


  1. thanks jodi! I did these with grades 1,2,and 3 . Oval shaped templates were helpful for the little ones to get the body started and the size right to fit the page.