Monday, January 3, 2011

The Penguins Are Coming!

It's been fun watching third and fourth graders dive right into this penguin work.  The students began with by completing a rough draft to get their ideas down on paper.  I was interested to see what they already knew.   We took a break to watch some lively penguin videos, looked at some photos of penguins, and did some guided drawings as well.  Then, kids took their ideas to a large (18X24) piece of paper.  They drew the outline with a light colored chalk then painted in the details.  Beaks and feet were colored with chalk pastels.  We planned to cut these guys out and place them on a snowy landscape.  But now I'm thinking they might look cute as a free-standing flock that could roam around the school.  Yes, I think that could be interesting.  I'll let you know what we decide.


  1. Love the simple color pallette of penguins and so cool that you all got to see them in action and study them. I am thinking about doing something around endangered species (in an elementary friendly way) in the spring to start to talk about the importance of environmental conservation. Like the idea of a traveling flock! That would be exciting.

  2. We fingerpainted blue/white backgrounds in K today, planning them to be for snowmen, but now I'm thinking how nice penguins would look instead. Hmmmm

    Glad you got the free Dali video, just preview it before you show it! I showed it to grade 4 and up, and talked to them about nudity in art before watching, and about being OK to giggle in the movie, but to control it so you don't miss the movie.