Monday, July 25, 2011


Doesn't this just beat it all.  Tankie Blankie is here to keep the Balloon Tank good company.  Yarn Bombing is defined as the art of crochet and knit graffiti.  I love it.  Good for the old.  Good for the very young.  I totally embrace their philosophy: "Why destroy public property when you can be a postive force of warm feelings?"  I come from a long line of knitters and crocheters, and I know my own gram couldn't have said it better herself.
I would love to explore this topic with kids.  What about you?  Are there places you know that would benefit from the positive force of warm feelings?


  1. Love it. You've been posting such fun stuff all summer long!

    I first heard about Knitta and their yarn "graffiti" a couple of years ago, when they started tagging light posts and stuff like that. I'm an "occasional" knitter but also come from a family rich with knitters and crocheters.

    I'm not sure where I would go with this with kids - but I could sure think of LOTS of places that would be much improved by a few well-placed granny squares... maybe starting with gun shops that sell assault weapons?

    This brings out the aging hippie in me!

  2. The balloon tank is one of my favourites and I think yarn bombing is AWESOME. I particularly love this artist juliana santacruz herrera

  3. Barb, you might like the work of guerilla crochet artist (or yarn bomber) OLEK. Here's a video of one of her pieces: