Monday, April 30, 2012

The Amazing Dale Wayne

Sixth Graders were inspired by the work of instillation artist Dale Wayne to create a little bit of  community artwork of our very own.

We looked at Dale's work on her website, watched a few video clips, collected bottles then broke out the paint and the glitter.  We painted our bottles with tempera paints mixed with a bit of acrylic gel medium.  While the bottles were still wet we dragged them through glitter and set them aside to dry.

In the next class we cut the bottles into flower shapes, poked a hole into the caps and created extravagant centers for our blooms from sparkle pipe cleaners, straws, and other do-dads from the scrap box.  The bottles can also be doubled up for a fuller flower.  We continued paint, glitter, and working on blooms for three classes and each week added to the mass of flowers on the corner of the bulletin board.

Lots of glitzy fun!  But not for the faint of heart.  Make sure to have the broom and the dust pan ready because the glitter was really flying with this one.

We used the cheap dollar store "glitter".  It's big.  It's shiny.  It's all over the place.

To learn more about this artist check out the video.  I can't wait for Christmas...check out her amazing water bottle Christmas Trees at Inspiration Green


  1. What a beautiful project interpreting the work of the artist.
    Great results.

  2. wow, those are beautiful! Good to hear from you. I enjoy your blog, too!

  3. These are so vibrant and fun! What a cool artist connection too.

  4. Thanks Barbara. Check out my blog for what I'm up to now. I'm at Ann Marie Garden, a Smithsonian affiliate, doing trees and a 15 ft fence/ hanging. Glad to see you keep those bottles out of the landfill and turning them into art!