Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Flower Mandalas for You

I've had mandalas on my mind this week, and here's some more mandala fun.  If you don't want to risk poison  ivy in constructing your mandala you can use flowers from the florist or the the grocery store, but these were made the old fashion way, with leaves and petals we picked in the garden.  After photographing our mandalas I uploaded the photos to Sumo online because I wanted to check out their kaleidoscope effect and found it super simple and completely mesmerizing to move the image around until it was "just right".
When I say easy, I mean easy enough for a child to do it.  Upload photo, go to filters, choose distort from the drop down menu, then click on Kaleidoscope.  That's it.  When you have everything the way you like it save or print.  That's it.
You can use the kaleidoscope effect with any photo you have on your computer, or with any photo you find on-line.  
Check it out.  Here's the link:  Sumo on line.


  1. These are so cool -- and really beautiful! And, thanks for the info on how to do it.