Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mini Mosaics

Found a bucket of stone tiles laying around.  These were leftover from someone's long ago renovation.  Can you tell I have a hard time saying no.

To these I added some busted up China and a sprinkling of odd beads.  Glued it all down.  Added some grout.  And there you have it.  Mini mosaics.

If you don't have a bucket of stone tiles laying around your house, you could repeat the same process on some smooth river rocks for some awesome garden art.

Which do you prefer...grey or white grout?  I kinda like the white, but the bits and pieces seem to stand out better against the grey.  Which do you like?


  1. So cute! Can you tell me more about your process?? I've got a bunch of broken china, but I've been a chicken to tackle mosaic with 20 young artists! :D

  2. I haven't tried it with kids using this method, but you could. I used a set of hand held nippers to break the china into small pieces. The nippers I used have two wheels on the nipping end that work great at busting the China. You would have to prep this for the kids.
    Draw a simple design on the tile with marker. Fill the design with glue. Place the bits into the design and dry overnight.
    When dry mix sanded grout with water and apply generously to the design. Wait 10 minutes and begin wiping away excess. After 15 minutes wipe again to remove haze. and let dry overnight.
    Apply a coat of grout sealer and you are done.

  3. I've been trying to figure out how to make mosaics with kids also. The dry time of the grout is the problem. I'm looking for something (like Quickrete) with a longer dry time. I could have the form ready and the kids could just press their objects into it instead of coating with grout. Still experimenting. I love your's. Did you use a form to get the nice heart shape in the grout?

  4. Karen: I'm not sure about Quickrete, but Thinset Bonding Mortar might work for pressing in. You can get it at building supply stores.
    I didn't use a form for the hearts. After gluing the pieces in the heart shape I applied the mortar and smoothed it into a heart shape with my fingers, a pop stick, and a damp sponge.