Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Observational Drawing Center

When I surveyed my students at the beginning of the year I learned that some of my students love drawing from life.  Fall harvest makes lovely opportunities for still life drawing and I set up this bin solve the problem of keeping a still life center stocked with fresh items each week.  The green bin contains my fall still life center and includes a small clip on spot light, three mason jars, a table cloth, and a bucket of flowers; everything needed to set up a center.  The bin makes it easy to transport and I carry it with me form school to school. On a small cart or table I set up the spot light, the table cloth and several small flower arrangements.  At the end of the session I switch off the light and  pack everything back into the bin.  The bin is tended at home and replenished from the garden as needed.    
Can you see the sunflower seed heads are plentiful in the garden now?  I cut the stems short enough to fit into the mason jars.  Even after their petals have fallen they make great still life objects. Can you guess what artists I might reference with this center?  Van Gogh and Gaugin are great choices.
Apple season is next...can you say Cezanne?  

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