Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shrinky Dink Skeletons

Here's a small selection of Shrinky Dinks that I'm getting ready for the oven. Fifth graders practiced skeleton drawing then  when they got one they liked they put the Shrinky Dink plastic on top and traced with a Sharpie.  To shrink them, line your pan with parchment paper so they won't stick and bake at 250 degrees.  Keep an eye on will take 10 minutes more or less.  You'll know when they're close because they will curl up and you'll think they're ruined.  Don't worry. Be patient and give them more time in the oven and they will flatten out.  You can bake them just as show, but trimmed around the skeleton and punched a hole with a hand punch.  A jump ring finishes off the charm. Kids love 'em.
Sorry I don't have the after pics.  They didn't hang around long enough.  But believe me they were over the moon cute.


  1. Ok so those are stinking cute!!! Great idea!

  2. Fun idea! Somehow I missed this post until just now. I think I have some old shrinky-dink around here somewhere...

  3. If you don't have shrinky dink plastic you can try recycling the clear plastic containers you find in the grocery...the kind that cover baked goods.. or YUM sushi...