Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kindergarten Name Design

Here's a little assessment I'm using with my Kindergartners this year.  It's a name design and it will make a sweet addition to their hallway.  The skills I teach and assess in this project are:
  • Holding scissors with fingers in the large hole and thumb on top.
  • Passing scissor do a partner with blades closed in fistwith the point facing down
  • Cutting small squares from a strip using a guideline
  • Cutting small squares from a strip without a guideline
  • Opening and closing a glue bottle
  • Controlling glue bottle to produce a drop of glue

We're also reviewing primary colors and building fine motor skills.  
On day two I'll put out some sequins for students to place between their paper squares.  

These skills seem pretty basic, but believe it or not I've had fourth graders hand me a glue bottle and say it's not working because they hadn't opened it.  Yikes.  Not to mention the strange affinity children sometimes have with copious amounts of glue.  Maybe I need to repeat this lesson with some fourth graders this year?  At any rate these kids know how to open the glue bottle, close it when finished and use a reasonable amount of glue! Yay!

Little bottles for little hands.

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