Thursday, February 4, 2010

African Masks Inspire Us

Fourth, fifth and sixth graders took a break from making Haiti House pins, and used some of the their previously decorated papers to create these colorful masks.  Before work began, we discussed reasons why people around the world might wear or use a mask.  Some of the reasons mentioned were to change or hide identity, for protection, for fun, and for spiritual or ceremonial reasons.  For inspiration, we looked at a selection of African mask designs.
Students completed a rough draft of a mask that would show an alternate or secret side of themselves.   We reviewed bilateral symmetry and after a quick demonstration on cutting symmetrical shapes, students were ready to go.  The students selected their papers and began turning their designs into masks.  The expectation was that the would mix and layer papers to create visual interest.  When we met for the third week students were asked to break out of the outline of their mask by adding fringe, feathers, raffia, etc.
By the looks of things our students have very wild and colorful inner lives!  It was great to share this project with the students and fun for all.  They will look great at the art show.

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