Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sandy's Circus



I'm a great fan of Alexander Calder's work, and so I learned, is our librarian.  When our librarian mentioned that she was reading the Red Clover Book nominee "Sandy's Circus", by Tanya Lee Stone, to our students this week; I was thrilled.  "Sandy's Circus" is a children's picture book about Calder's fantastic cork and wire creation. 
Now, can you guess what we're doing in the art room this week?  Our kids have watched "Cirque de Calder"  and a power point presentation on mobiles, stabiles, and wire sculpture, and we've moved on to building cardboard and wire figures, and desktop mobiles. 
Grades 3 and 4 built the mobiles shown above.  Wonderful and whimsical!  I'll post the figures after the break.

If you'd like to learn more about Red Clover Book Awards and this year's nominees, check this link:

Calder's wire circus is on display at the Whitney Museum in NYC.  Maybe we'll get down there to see it during the break.

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