Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ink and Bamboo Brushwork--Third Grade

Chinese New Year Celebration begins this week, and to get in the spirit we broke out the ink and bamboo brushes.  We looked at some some examples of artwork in this style, then students took a turn exploring the kinds of lines they could make with the brush.  Artists were asked to complete two practice sheets and then to develop their best ideas on a heavier weight piece of drawing paper.

Now that our paintings are dry students will be using modeling clay and red paint to make the stamp called a chop to highlight our design.

  After stamping our bamboo brush paintings, these paintings will be used to make Chinese style lanterns.  We will hang them to celebrate the new year. These are third grade examples.  


  1. Oh, yea! I'm getting ready to teach Chinese brush painting tomorrow. Thanks for sharing some new ideas. I get tired of the same old same old every year.

    Thanks, too, for breaking the ice for following my preschool art blog. You rock! jan

  2. I'm really excited about your new blog, Jan and thrilled to be the first member. Glad you like the brushwork.

  3. These look great Barb. I'm interested to see how you'll make them into lanterns.

  4. Hi Phyl!
    The lanterns are finished and hanging happily in the hall. I posted the pics today so you could see them.
    Hope you're staying warm!

  5. Hi Barb, the lanterns are lovely. I love the simplicity of the gray values and red. I haven't used my Chinese brushes in a while - hope I can find time to squeeze them in this year, as the year seems to have gotten away from me.

    As for staying warm - I wrap myself up, warm up the car and go on my merry way and don't let the weather bother me much. But I feel for some of the bloggers in places like Oklahoma and Arkansas etc that have missed WEEKS of school, not just days. We have a snowstorm, and hopefully by the next day the roads are OK.

  6. The snow is hip deep in my backyard. Somewhere out there is buried two wrought iron lawn chairs. Guess they'll be back in the spring.
    Despite it all we've only had two snow days, two delays, and on early release.
    We'll need all the summer we can get this year.

  7. Awesome! I agree with Phyl, I love the grays and red bands. They look great hanging. :)

  8. Thanks, Laura. Love the boats you just put up on your blog. What a cute idea.
    Phyl I tried your wet chalk valentines with first and second grade and they came out amazing! Thanks so much for a great idea.