Sunday, October 9, 2011

Navajo Weaving

I really hit the jackpot when I entered "Navajo Textile" into my search engine and performed an image search.  I found a gold mine of woven textiles that would inform any weaving unit.  I feel a lesson plan coming on and know a certain group of kids who love to weave.
These blankets are called "chief's blankets" even though the Navajo didn't have chiefs.  Plains Indians have chiefs and they traded for these blankets.  Perhaps that's where the name comes from.  The blankets are meant to be worn like a mantle.  When the blankets wrap around the body the edges come together to in the front and repeat the diamond pattern on the back of the garment.  Like a walking piece of artwork, don't you think.
Can't wait to get all our October shenanigans wrapped up so we can get started weaving.  Here's the link to a past post on weaving.  Lots of good info and a compete how to do it if you want to try it, too.

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