Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Printmaking with Kids

Kids showcase their printmaking skills.

Another beautiful vehicle from this artist.

You may have to live here to recognize this guy!  It's our beloved "Champ" frequently sited in Lake Champlain...see those beautiful mountains behind him.

Aliens and stars.

Inking the printing plate.

Placing the paper.

Rolling the print.

And do it again.


  1. Beautiful printing works.
    Your students did a fantastic job.

    I love the colors.

  2. So timely! What are you using for ink? I HATE PRINTMAKING! So I think every real printmaking project that I do fails. I got creative and started doing shoe prints and apple prints and butterfly monoprints. But, my prints on foam NEVER come out this good. Are you using pencil to draw on the foam?

  3. Erica, You can do this...we used Block Printing ink for our prints and it really makes a difference. Regular pencils for drawing the design. (Kindergarten pencils are great but we didn't have any today).
    My kids started with a draft that had to have "approved" before they started on the foam. (I like lots of details.) Kids traced around their foam plate to outline a same size draft, then transferred the design to the foam by retracing their lines.
    Hint: Cut two piles of newspapers...one to ink on and to print on and have a waste basket handy. Kids toss the top sheet in the trash and the next kid has a clean place to work. (they need help to remember this step). Damp paper towels cut in half for fingers helps too.
    If working with more than one station, set yourself in the middle so you can monitor both stations and coach them through the process...kids need help getting the hang of inking the roller, etc. Teach them to roll in one direction not back and forth to pick up the ink. We inked on a piece of aluminum foil taped to the table.
    We drew our design make our printing plates and printed in one hour. (9 kids) each kid made 2-3 prints. Plan two sessions with more kids and have an alternate activity for kids who are waiting.