Monday, November 14, 2011

Bug Mural

Third graders finished their bug mural last week and it's now up in the entryway.  The kids have been working on it for three weeks.  Before work began, we brainstormed to compile a list of all the insects we could name.  We looked at pictures of insects of all kinds and practiced drawing our favorites.  We reviewed cutting symmetrical shapes and cutting two identical shapes.  Once we were up and going, groups took turns painting in the background and working in the "Bug Factory".   I love the result.  So cheery.
Our mural was inspired by Anna Pietrolungo's post at Imagine Explore Create .  Check it out!


  1. How beautiful are the flowers and the bugs in this mural.

    I love the bold colors

  2. I am so honoured that you were inspired by my students' bugs mural. Wow, you have just made my night. Isn't it amazing how we can inspire each other from the other side of the world. Amazing! Your students did a splendid job. Anna ;)