Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sweet Necklace or Garland

Fun to do with kids. 
Make a holiday necklace wear or to give.
Or a candy garland for the tree.  
I found all this Walmart today.
A really big bag of peppermint candy.
3 lbs 12 oz.

This was a dollar

49 cent ribbon and some plastic wrap I had on hand

Hot glue the ends of the wrappers to form a chain.  Tie bits of ribbon between the individual pieces. 
Keep going if you want a garland.
Add a ribbon closure if you want a necklace. 


Lay out any kind of unwrapped candy on a piece of clear plastic wrap.
Roll it up.
Tie bits of ribbon between the candy.
Add a ribbon closure for a necklace.
Keep going if you want a garland.


  1. What a fantastic idea Barbara.
    I am afraid that my students will be eating the candy in the process :)

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Great idea! Yum. I haven't eaten lunch yet and you have made me hungry!!