Monday, March 12, 2012

Free Trial--KIVA Loans that Change Lives

If you follow my blog you know I love free stuff so I'm re posting this free offer from KIVA today.  This is such an amazing organization and once you get started I guarantee you will be hooked watching your tiny donation pass from hand to hand as it travels the world helping person after person.  Enough's the post.  I hope you'll check it. 


We have $1,000,000 sitting in the bank -- and we want you to help us spend it! 
Kiva Board Member Reid Hoffman, best known for founding professional networking site LinkedIn, has put up $1 million to give new users a chance to try Kiva for absolutely free! Simply by signing up, new users can make a $25 Free Trial loan and see the incredible impact of microfinance firsthand.

Our theory: The more people who see the power of lending at work, the more who will want to get involved. We're looking to grow the Kiva family and connect even more lenders to more borrowers. When a new user joins, they'll get to choose a borrower to loan to, get all the updates on how that borrower's doing, and watch them repay as their business grows.

These free trials will allow Kiva to introduce 40,000 new lenders to microfinance, creating a massive ripple effect that will help many more thousands around the world. When you loan through Kiva, you're not just supplying funds -- you're also supporting our field partners, who offer a range of other services to borrowers from health care to savings accounts to child nutrition classes. Just think what loans from 40,000 new users could do!

We hope that taking part in this process will inspire many of these new users to come back, lend their own money, collect repayments and do it all again. That's the beauty of Kiva -- once you invest, your money can help make change again and again and again.

The outpouring of support and lending during our first -- albeit much smaller -- Free Trial program last year resulted in 8,000 new lenders in a day! We're hoping to go even bigger this year -- and you can help! Invite your friends, your family, your neighbors and co-workers. Tweet, Facebook and email. Now's your chance to get that person you've been talking to about Kiva forever to actually try it out!

Many of our current lenders describe Kiva as “addictive.” Share your healthy addiction by inviting your friends and family to experience microfinance for free. There is no limit to what we can do when we join forces to alleviate poverty!

Got questions? Interested in doing more to help spread the word? Send us an email at
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