Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kindergarten Stuffed Owls

Kindergartners built these colorful owls last week.  Students made the body by tracing around a template  They then used their crayons to draw in additional details to personalize their owls.  We are learning how to combine simple shapes and lines to create complex imagery.  Students created texture on their owls by adding  lines and patterns.  Look at the beautiful patterning on this little guy!
We are practicing watercolor techniques, brush control, and learning to care for our materials.
After our owls were dry they were stapled to a backing paper (colorful craft paper from the roll) and cut out.  We stuffed them with paper from the paper shredder and added a loop of yarn for hanging.
Note to self:  shredded paper + kindergarten = big mess.  If you do this, bring a broom.
Next time:  crumpled paper from the recycle bin or project leftovers.

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