Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Half the Sky

John in Kenya repaid the $25 dollars I lent him last year to buy a dairy cow and today I took the money and lent it to this group of ladies from Guatemala.  They will use their loan to buy ice cream and other items to sell. My original $25 dollars has been to Senegal, Kenya, and now on it's way to Guatemala.  That's a lot of bang for the buck if you ask me.  Mico lending provides people with modest amounts of capital to grow a business or buy the items that will help them improve their lives.  
If you've seen the documentary "Half the Sky"  you'll know how desperately women need access to opportunities to improve their lives.  The support we provide to women in developing countries has a tremendous potential for transforming the world.  I encourage you to check out Kiva, where you can choose where your money goes and re-lend it again and again.  If you use this code and join Kiva today I will get a free $25 loan which would be wonderful, too. 

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