Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fashion Drawing Fifth Grade Love

Fifth grade fashion design drawings.  This work is beginning to amaze me.  Just a few weeks in and I am seeing greater control, imagination and sophistication in the fashion drawings.  

You can tell the earliest works.  The figures look a little stiff and the artists tried hard to avoid drawing hands. But with time and practice the figures look more graceful, and the hands are apparent and begin to overlap the outfits. 

Once they mastered the model, students were encouraged to move away from the body-con look, which we all agreed was a great first step.  They are now striving to design and draw the drape of clothing and are working on adding texture, pattern and detail to their designs.  

One student brought in her collection of  BARBIE clothes for inspiration.  The served as a great jumping off point for inventing new fashion designs.

We are moving away from the standing pose and working on a stronger fashion pose.  Stay tuned for more.

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