Thursday, December 19, 2013

Miro Mobiles

I love Joan Miro.  I love his bold black lines and also the surreal and innocent quality of his work.  Miro very much admired the artwork of children and this is reflected in his use of shape and color.  He is said to have believed that all things, even inanimate objects, have a hidden life that is both strange and beautiful.  Perhaps wondering about these hidden worlds gives his work its surreal quality.    

Students visited Miro's world and analyzed his paintings to identify his preferred lines and shapes.  They noticed moons, stars, spirals, hash marks, as well as organic and geometric shapes whose arrangement sometimes suggest figures and animals.    

Students received a Sharpie and a piece of drawing paper to create the symbols and figures for their  mobile.  Here are some of their creations.

They created a lot of designs

When they were done they flipped their papers over to outline and color-fill the back of the page.
I adore this young artist's "Alien Babe" (above) and think Miro would like it too.

When finished students "bubble cut" around their shapes.  Using a hole punch and florist wire the shapes were hung to balance.  More mobiles to come.

Here I found a wonderful resource for all things Miro.  Click on "Play Miro"  for a great kids corner.

Thanks for looking.  

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