Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter Favorites

Two winter time favorites to post today in celebration of our Valentine Day Blizzard.  While my 1/2 art classes were painting winter cardinals my 3/4 classes were finishing up their snowman paintings.  I love both of these painting projects and repeat them every couple of years because the results are just so stinkin' cute.  You really can't go wrong with either of these.


  1. I agree! Both are so adorable, I don't know which I like better! The red mats really set off the cardinals. It looks like tissue paper behind the snowmen? What bout the cardinals -is that a light blue tempera?

    1. Right on both counts, Phyl. Collage first, then paint for the snowmen. The cardinals have a blue tempera paint background. The little ones really worked on smoothing out that paint and not leaving any clumps or white spaces. Snow was dotted on with the back of the brush.