Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fish Pond Printing

Our fish prints are done, and boy are they cute.  To make them, kindergarten and first grade blew bubbles into a bowl of soapy water into which blue liquid water color paint had been added.  When the bubbles rose up over the rim of the bowl they gently pressed their paper onto the bubbles filling their paper with a foamy print and we set these aside to dry.
During our next class we did some practice drawing about fish.  We noticed oval shaped bodies and triangular tails.  We practiced drawing fins and scales.  When kids had a fish they were satisfied with they drew their final design on a piece of 3"X4" copy paper.  The paper was taped onto a piece of Styrofoam and kids drew over their lines pressing hard to make an impression in the foam, and we cut them out.
On week three we set up a printing station and kids inked up their printing plates and printed them onto their bubble print.  I folded a piece of masking tape on itself and taped the ends to the back of the printing plate to make a little handle for the kids lift their plate off the paper.  We worked in small groups, and kids cycled through the centers we now have up and running again.
Lots of fun watching little ones become printmakers.
Recipe for bubble prints:
Into a cereal-sized bowl add a squirt of liquid soap, a squirt of liquid watercolor, and the tiniest amount of water to barely cover the bottom of the straw.  Bubble away!


  1. hmmm - I thought I left a comment here a couple of days ago - but anyhow I'll try again... I love this lesson.

    But I tried the bubbles today in my classroom, and was unsuccessful. I tried it w/dish detergent and liquid wc paint. How much did you use of what? It just didn't get very bubbly and printed very faded blah blue.

    Meanwhile - I just watched the news, and while we are supposed to get some snow tomorrow, it looked like you will be getting the bigger hit. Enough is enough already!!

  2. Hi Phyl!

    The secret recipe is...
    Into a cereal-size bowl add a squirt of liquid soap, a squirt of turquoise liquid water color, and the tiniest amount of water possible, just enough to barely get the straw into.

    April First--Trees are budding, robins singing and...schools are closing! Crazy, huh?

  3. Thanks for the bubble-paint recipe.

    Did you have a snow day? It's certainly April Fool weather! We were expecting 6-8" but it was mostly rain and a little slush and 0" accumulation, so not even a delay. A big sigh of relief, because the high school musical production is this weekend and today was their dress rehearsal. A snow day would have made a mess of things for sure.

  4. One of my schools was closed for parent conferences and the other one closed for the snow.
    We didn't get much accumulation down here either, but it was bad on the mountain where the ground is still snow covered.

  5. Very cute! :) Thanks for linking up on my (very new) linky party, Link Your Mess!