Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gond Tribal Art Patterns

"Deep in the forests of Central India, lives a tribe called Gond.  The girls and boys of the Gond tribe learn traditional painting and other crafts at a very young age.  gond painting is done with very bright colors and the basic form is filled with tiny dots an dashes.  Like most of the other tribal paintings, this also used to be done on the mud walls of houses.  Originally, natural colors were used.  The main colors being, deep red (from Al tree), yellow (from leaves), and red(from hibiscus flower). Now, however poster colors are used."  Themes include festivals, myths and folk tales, birds, horses, tigers, fish and others.


  1. Absolutely MARVELOUS! Thank you for introducing this new-to-me artform. Reminds me somewhat of Australian Aboriginal dot and x-ray styles of painting...

  2. Yes, very similar to Aboriginal art, amazing isn't it? The books I ordered have arrived and I'm so excited to create a lesson around this artwork.
    I love all the books I ordered, but "Signature Patterns..." is a fabulous resource for kids and adults.
    The book "I Like Cats" is amazing. The images are a delight and there is nothing to compare to the quality of this book. Each page is hand printed, the bound by hand into the book.
    It's so delicious I could eat it. Love, Love, Love this book.