Friday, June 10, 2011

Reverse Painting on Glass in Senegal

Young Woman of Marrying Age
                                                     Mor Gueye, Reverse Glass Painting, 2002Searing Collection 

Who would think reverse painting on glass would be so popular in Senegal, but apparently it has a longstanding and rich tradition.  Portraits are popular subjects and so are scenes of everyday life.  
Above are the paintings of Mor Gueye  He is the internationally recognized master of the Senegalese art of reverse glass painting and his paintings are held by many public collections worldwide.  At age 77, Mor Gueye continues to run an active studio in Dakar, Senegal where his work is avidly sought by private collectors. 
This link leads to more of Mor Gueyer's reverese glass paintings and some background on the art form. 

And helpful hints if you would like to try your hand at reverse glass painting, click here.

I can imagine my middle school kids would love this process!


  1. The portraits are really beautiful.
    The colors are so vibrant.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks so much for posting this- I've been collecting small frames with glass to do this with my Art Club kids. I think I've got enough to try these in the fall.

  3. Nice. I think I'll start collecting at tag sales this summer. Great idea.