Sunday, June 19, 2011

Going Up!

Solar hot air balloon lifts off from the back yard today.

Three simple ingredients. Black bags from the dollar store. .5 mil or thinner    

Cut the ends off of four garbage bags.

Find the fold and slice the sides open.

Tape the panels together and fold in half.

Tape the two short sides.
To shape the balloon bring the two side seams together and refold the open end.  
Now tape closed.
Make a 10-15" opening by slicing off  a corner.  Reinforce the edge with tape.
Make a harness by layering two layers of tape together.  
Add a third layer leaving an overlapping sticky edge to attach to the balloon.
Tape  where the bridle attaches to reinforce.
Tie your string to the bridle.

Inflate your balloon with a fan or a hair dryer.
Do this outside or you won't fit out the door.

 Tie on the fishing line.
Set your balloon outside in the sun
And watch it rise up

 and up


and away.

More about solar hot air balloons here.
Tutorial here


  1. This is the coolest thing I've ever seen!!! I'm so inspired to try this with our green team out of recycled bags next year! You would probably laugh or be scared if you saw how excited I got over this idea. I already e-mailed my friend the link. I'm so close to getting out my tape and bags myself. I'm in the middle of yard work taking a break though (bummer). Thanks for the inspiration! Next week I'll try it too!

  2. I agree this is very cool, I kept looking for the secret ingredient that would make it rise. Thanks for this and all of your summer time posts I am enjoying them.I am also going to look for the car in the air if we make it up there this summer, usually we hike the white mountains but that one deserves a special side trip!

  3. Totally cool! I can't wait till school's over and I'm SO going to try this!

    Stringbean Art has me confused though - what is this about a car in the air? Did I miss something?

  4. This is so cool! I was just looking for solar projects to do!

    Your new follower.... Kai ~ thecatinthetree