Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wesley Anderegg

Coffee and a Smoke, Wesley Anderegg, 2010
I love finding contemporary artists who possess the elusive little something that I call "kid appeal.  Today I'm featuring the work of Wesley Anderegg.  I really looking forward to sharing his work with students in the fall so I contacted Wesley to let him know just how much I enjoy his work, and ask him for permission to share his work with you here.  I especially like his head spinner series, which you can see in action by clicking here.  About the series he shared this..."The head spinner series actually started with a clay class for my daughter's 4-H group.  We were making candle sticks by stacking shapes on dowel rods and then putting a small dish shape on top to hold a candle.  And of course I started making people and I noticed their heads could spin because they were on a dowel."  Like those dolls that some of us may have had as a kid, you can change the expression on these figures by spinning the heads. 
Visit Wesley's website to see more of his narrative figures which are at once light-hearted and serious.  You can also read an interview with Wesley Anderegg on Connie Norman's Blog.

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