Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free Download at Foldschool

My two favorite words in the English language "free stuff".  I love it.  I cannot pass by the free box at anyone's tag sale without peeking in.  Truth is, I've found some very cool things in free boxes over the years, but this post makes me want to spill out the stuff and take the box, because even better than free stuff,  is free stuff you can make with and for kids. 
Nicola Enrico Staubli is the Swiss-based designer behind Foldschool  furniture.  His design philosophy is to move design back to what he consider's its original mission:  to provide a product at an affordable price through a smart manufacturing process, and by jove, I think he's done it.    Foldschool has posted three FREE downloadable patterns for modern folded cardboard furniture.  Let the kids loose with the paint and they will have a personal piece of furniture handmade by you.  What's not to love?  When the child has out grown the furniture, dispose of the cardboard with clear conscience.  

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