Friday, April 29, 2011

Blog Design--Make a Button, Take a Button

If you read last week's post about grab buttons, then you may be wondering how to design and a button for your own blog.  It's really not too difficult.  I designed this button this morning in about 10 minutes.  I used   Photoshop today, but you can use any of the any photo editing program that you have.  The standard format size is 125 X 125 pixels, because that's a size that fits readily into most sidebars.  With that in mind, start creating.  Starting square in any size is a good place begin.  Choose an image and add some text.  And when you have a pleasing design resize and save as a JPG file to your computer.

To make the magic happen you first need to upload your image.  A super easy way to do this is to place your image anywhere in your blog.

Time to grab some code.  Find the code here and copy it (CTRL C)
Having done that, it's time to place the code in your sidebar.  In your blog, go to Design/Add a Gadget/Add HTML/JavaScript.
Paste the code into the text area.

Finally, add your own information into the areas of colored text and delete the instruction.

To find the web address for your image, click on the image you placed in your blog to bring it up in an isolated screen.  The URL is at the top of this page.  

That's all there is to it.  On your blog, hit SAVE.  and you're done.  

If you make a button, be sure to stop by and leave a comment so I can see your work!

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  1. I do like your button.
    I manage to add a slide show this weekend with the help of my daughter :)