Friday, April 15, 2011

Zen Eggs for You

If you've got a sharpie pen and an egg you can make a zen doodle egg like these.  I saw this on Alisa Burke's Blog and am reposting it for all the Zentanglers and Doodlers out there (you know who you are).  These doodles are made on blown out white eggs, but I suppose you could do them on hard cooked eggs and color them as well.   


  1. Truly gorgeous! I'm all about Easter egg designs. I do pysanky this time of year, but I do rigid designs. I'll have to try more free form ones. jan

  2. Oh!! I can't wait to give this a try this weekend. I have all my family decorating eggs and we plan to try a BUNCH of different things. This looks like a good idea to add on.

  3. Okay - I'm totally stealing this one.
    We're wrapping up our clay unit, and there is always some slack in the glazing (when i can't get stuff through the kiln fast enough) I've been planning to try Zendoodling as a fill in - but on eggs! Genius! Even better is I have a yard full of chickens and a fridge full of all different colors of eggs - the perfect craft project for my little chicken farmers at home.
    Hooray! You made my day!
    Cristy in WY