Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Clay Chimes

Spring time is clay time, and why should kids have all the fun?
I made a lot more clay beads and added some cookie cutter shapes into the mix.  The beads and charms will be strung into musical hanging chimes. I used low-fire white clay that I had on hand and bisque fired to cone 04 to drive the moisture out. Here's everything ready to be glazed.  
Glazing all those pieces is a big job. To make light of it I hosted a glazing party at the house and invited friends and family to stop by and help glaze. It was fun glazing and visiting around the kitchen table and by the end of the day everything was glazed and ready to be packed back to the kilm glazed with Amaco Opalescent Liquid Glazes. It is the first time I've use these glazes and I'm really excited to see how they turn out.  
Here are some glazed beads drying on skewers. 


  1. The opalescent glazes you used looks great on a terra cotta clay base and texture! My favorite is the Moss green! It will actually turn the clay a deep purple with the green moss on the top of the texture! I fire it at an 06 to get this result!

  2. oooh. That sounds pretty good. I'm using a white clay base, because it's what I had on hand. But i did notice the label says best results are on red clay. I'll post the result. Hope to have these fired by next week. I'm really excited to see.