Friday, April 22, 2011

Glazing Clay Beads--

I made up a lot of clay beads while the kids were working on their chimes and would like to try glazing them. I've never done this before.  Perhaps you can help.  
My plan is to glaze them, avoiding the hole, and then string them onto 18 gauge Nichochrome wire.  I'll suspend the wire between shelf blocks in the kiln making sure to leave a space between each bead.  Then I'll let it rip.  
If all goes well the beads will be used in an upcoming fundraiser.
Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions concerning glazing and firing beads?  Suggested glazes, etc.  They will be used to benefit Kiva.  Check out what they're doing                


  1. In the clay class I was taking she suggested stringing beads on extra kiln sitter roads since they won't bend and are pretty cheap.
    Might be worth a try:)

  2. Hmmm. I have an computerized kiln that doesn't have that kiln sitter feature. What exactly is a kiln sitter rod? I'm familiar with the cone, but what exactly is the rod?

  3. they have bead trees if your budget allows

  4. thanks amy. I've seen them in the catalogs but they seem a little pricey. I'm away from school right now, but I am thinking that I may make one.