Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blackstone Tjanpi Weavers

Blackstone Tjanpi Weavers, Australia. Tjanpi Grass Toyota, 2005
                                       Grass, raffia and a discarded car frame

I came across this by chance and am posting it because I find it so appealing. Maybe I'm attracted by the  boxy form and soft lines.  They remind me so strongly of the wonderful way my students draw (thinking especially of the boys) who pass through a stage where they become so strongly engaged with drawing cars and trucks.  They often leave these little drawings behind on the art room tables.  Maybe they don't attach a lot of importance to these little drawings, but I find them entirely endearing.

This woven sculpture was created by the Blackstone Tjanpi Weavers, a group of Aboriginal women from 28 different indigenous communities in Western Australia.  It won the the Telstra Art Award--the only award of it's kind dedicated to indigenous artists.  The truck was awarded First Place in 2005. 

Here's a link to a lesson kit that includes the truck and a variety of other wonderful activities and visuals that you can use in your classroom.  This kit is designed for upper level students, but could be adapted for younger students.

And here is a link to more lesson kits offered by the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this- one of my favorite projects that we do with Art Club is our Aboriginal-inspired paintings.(And we're working on weavings right now, so this caught my eye!!):D