Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Flower Press-Make and Take

Dove into the cardboard stockpiled for the Zimoun Sculpture to make this super-simple flower press with after school kids today.
You'll need:  two pieces of cardboard any size, a stack of newspaper scraps cut 1/2 inch smaller, a couple rubber bands, and flowers or leaves.  After decorating the cover, kids foraged for wildflowers in the field.  We found violets and dandelions, a frog, a snake, and a ladybug named Billy.
Include a stack of extra papers so the kids can add to them throughout the summer.
Wanted to use the flowers for paper making next week, but the kids took them home.


  1. How long do you have to leave the flowers in the press? What did they kids do with them? Last year I pressed some pansies in books, and promptly forgot about them till months later...

  2. You leave them in the press until ready to use them, Phyl.
    As for these guys, a couple will fill their presses with new flowers as they come into bloom. Others will open them in a few weeks and enjoy a pretty surprise.
    I'll press some to use with my summer group. They will not take too long to dry because I pick tiny spring blossoms (not the kids' dandelions).
    You can dry them in minutes in the microwave.

  3. I like this idea. At a VAEA conference a few years ago, a presenter showed how she integrated pressed flowers into watercolor paintings. They were gorgeous. I don't remember if there was a kid connection to it.

  4. mmm that sounds wonderful...reminds me...I remember seeing bits of pressed ferns added to a snowscape (like pine trees) at the student art show that was very effective.