Sunday, May 1, 2011

Children's Day--May 5th

I'm getting ready to celebrate Children's Day with some Koi nobori-making!
Join the fun.  Share your interpretation of this fun theme with a comment or a link.

Click here to download a free template to make tiny chopstick-size koi nobori and toothpick-size koi nobori, too.


  1. I love doing these...I buy Rolyco kits from my art supply catalog (about $7 for 24) that are carp shapes made of color difusing paper. The kids color with markers and spray with water..when dry fold and staple. They turn out beautiful!
    BTW: couldn't get your link to work...I was interested in seeing your templates! :)

  2. I have done these with the kits of diffusing papers too, and the kids really loved them. After markers we watercolored. And when they dried we added glitter and streamers. So much fun!