Thursday, May 26, 2011

Drawing from Observation

Sixth Grade used a combination of real and artificial flowers as the basis for these observational drawings.  After lightly drawing in chalk on colored paper students went over their chalk lines with glue.  Today the glue was dry and they finished up their drawings using chalk pastels.


  1. Beautiful! We used this technique this year too- the results are so wonderful! (I'll post pics sometime this summer of our "What can you draw from a cylinder?" pastel and glue project.)

  2. thank you so much. i'll be sure to pass thoughts on to the kids. they'll be so pleased with your kind words:)

  3. I forgot about this glue process for a long time! I love it! I love that we remind each other of things we want to do too. I will put it on my idea list. Great work.

    On another note the little white dots on the side of your blog confused me! Have you ever seen stars when you got up too fast? I thought that was happening to me again!