Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In Progress--Clay Chime Update

 Major Kiln Failure Glazing Clay Beads. Eighteen gauge wire did not hold. Found wire, and beads, and charms fused together on kiln floor.  Very disappointed.

Managed to save all of the wire, some of the beads, and a few of the charms. Mixed what remained with some glass India beads I had on hand. Came up with six 24" strands of beads and bells.

Sound great because the tones vary. Look cool. I have a second set of beads ready to be bisque fired.  Figured out I really like the mix of ceramic and glass beads.  Narrowed down the glazes a little.  Going to double twist the wires and set the kiln up a little differently for this glazing.

Working on a hang tag. 


  1. could you fire the beads all separate and then attach them with wire later?

  2. For the glaze fire they have to be supported on something.

    I threaded the beads onto a high temp wire and suspended the wires in the kiln. Seems like the wire got a little "floppy" with the heat and everything sagged into each other.

    Maybe fewer beads on the wire. Maybe double the wire so it's more rigid?